Poetry Prizes
Smederevo, Serbia
L'Aquila, Italy
John F Deane has been awarded the biggest Serbian prize for a body of work, known as The
Golden Key of Smederevo. The city is a beautiful one about 100km from Belgrade, and on the
Danube river; its crowning glory is a magnificent fortress that once dominated the entire
region and is now a preserved site; the key is a symbolic one to this fortress and
respresents the freedom of the city. The prize consists of a cash award, a book of poems in
Serbian and English and the gilt key.
The second award offered to John F. Deane in October of 2011 is the Laudomia Bonanni
prize from the city of L'Aquila, north-east of Rome, a medieval city almost destroyed in an
earthquake of 2009. The prize consists of a cash award, a plaque and a visit to the city
Previous winners of the Golden Key include:

Sandor Weores, of Hungary:
Liliane Wouters of Belgium:
Yves Bonnefoy of France:
Homero Aridjis of Mexico:
Volker Braun of Germany.

Previous winners of the Laudomia Bonanni
Prize were:

Yevgeny Yevtushenko
Mark Strand
Edoardo Sanguineti
Nathan Zach
Derek Walcott
Ana Blandiana
Titos Patrikios
Mahmoud Darwish
Accepting a gift from the prisoners in the
Maximum Security Gaol of L'Aquila
At the fortress in Smederevo
Receiving the Key from the Mayor, with, to
the left, translator poet Dragan Dragojlovic
Ursula, The Golden Key, Dragan
with Dragan Dragojlovic in Belgrade
Reading in Smederevo
With the interpreter Gianlorenzo
Theatre Backdrop, L'Aquila
After the Earthquake
Outside the Prison, L'Aquila